Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

January 2, 2011

As usual, most people wait until the last minute to get their significant other the perfect Valentines Day gift. Here are some good quick ideas, that are also wallet friendly!

For Her:

 Always remember when buying a gift for the important lady in your life that most women want you to put more thought into the gift than money. (Although any girl will go gaga for diamonds, whether she admits it or not!)

1. A handwritten card is a great start to any gift. It doesn’t have to be fancy at all, a folded piece of construction paper with a heart on it will instantly put a smile on her face. Inside write a heartfelt message, it doesn’t  have to be corny,just be genuine.

2. If your girl likes flowers, and EVERY girl does, a surprise delivery is a great idea. Whether you get them sent to her work or drop them off at her house while she’s not home, a girl always appreciates a surprise. (You may need to recruit her friends or family to ensure that it is a complete surprise.) As far as florists, one of my favorites is Their arrangements are gorgeous and start at only $29.99.

Hugs and Kisses Flowers

This is the Hugs and Kisses arrangement starting at $39.95.

3. All girls love brand names. However, brand name gifts can get a bit expensive. Tricks to finding an affordable gift at an upscale store are simple. Shopping online is super helpful. Most stores have a link to suggested Valentines gifts and sometimes offer discount codes on the home page. At categories of price are offered. If you want to spend under $100 dollars they have great gift ideas. From keychains, wristlets, shoes, jewerly, and much more, you are bound to find something your special lady will love!

4. JEWELRY!!! Jewelry is always a great gift idea, but try to stray away from the typical advertised specials. By getting her the popular heart pendant, there is a high risk one of her close friends will also have recieved the same necklace and some of the meaning will get lost. Try to look at jewelry and pick something she will truly love. It does not have to be a heart shape! My favorite jewelry store is Any girl will feel special to own a real piece of Tiffany & Co. Jewelry! A great feature of the Tiffany website is the category pricing. By choosing to view jewelry only in the price range you can afford, you won’t get sticker shock and will feel more comfortable with your purchase. All of these gorgeous pieces are under $250.00!


Shop for even more ideas!

5. A giftcard to a local spa is a great idea to pamper your lady. Plan a day of pampering for her, then treat her to a nice dinner at a romantic restaraunt. Research local restaraunts that have live music and a Valentines Day special menu. This way you get the most for your money, and she will appreciate how much thought you put into the date.


For Him:

Finding the perfect gift for your beau is a little more difficult than expected. Always keep his interests in mind and don’t buy something you wish he would wear but know isn’t his style. Because boys are harder to shop for, I’ve organized the gifts by the type of man your shopping for.

For the Frat-Guy: Preppy is the way to go if your buying for a fraternity man. Brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Jcrew, Vineyard Vines, and Lacoste.

 University of Texas TieUniversity of Tennessee Tie University of Florida Tie has a collection of college ties, which are perfect for any frat guy who is constantly dressing up. $75.00

For the Outdoorsy Type:


What’s New in Make-up…

December 22, 2010

To start, make-up is not as much about trend as it is personal choice. The trick is to take trends seen on the runway or in magazines, and modify them to your face.

#1. Neutral or Bold Lips?


BOTH!!! Anyone can (and should) pull off nuetral lips. They are simple and pretty, good for day or night. Just add a clear or shimmer gloss and the look is complete. Red lips are a bit more intimidating. When sporting such a bold statement, you will be noticed. I would reccomend a balm or conditioner in oppose to a glitz or shimmer gloss. Keep it simple, bold, and classic!

#2. Finding Foundation is Frustrating!

 Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation Face And Body Foundation

MAC is here to help! When you visit, you will find a questionaire that helps you find the perfect foundation for your skin. MAC make up lasts… FOREVER! It is super high quality make-up.

#3. Everlasting Eyes

Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad

Clinique’s Colour Surge Eyeshadow Quad gives you four quality eyeshadows, under thirty bucks! These shadows don’t smudge, wear off, or run. The colors are vibrant and a little goes a long way. Use the three lighter shades for day and add the darkest shadow to the crease of your eyelid, to create a night eye! The quad comes in many beautiful, hypoallergenic, combinations!

More to come……

My New Favorite Store…

December 22, 2010


Ring in the New Year HeelTreasure Tree Earrings      A-Boot Face

Modern vintage clothing at extremely affordable prices.  ModCloth has a great, unique shoe selection.

I chose the boots on the right because military style boots are in! Pair them with thick, rustic boot socks (showing over the top) and your favorite skinny jeans. A fur vest and simple sweater makes the outfit simple, chic, and rustic. All at once.


Best Dressed Boyfriend!

March 21, 2010

We all secretly wish our guy would try something other than the typical t-shirt and sneakers, but to him anything more makes him less of a macho-man. In this entry we have picked some simple staples to the wardrobe of a well dressed man. Any guy can pull off these looks no matter what his personal style may be.

#1 Simple Slim Oxford Button Down

This Ralph Lauren classic fits virtually any body type. The button down comes in just about any color you could want, our favorite pick is Aegean blue. Its comfortable, flattering, and super easy, (perfect for any guy)!


Polo Slim Custom-Fit Oxford $79.50


#2 The Perfect Jean

The key to a perfect jean is the fit. A man’s jeans should fit not to tight, but too loose. Guys, just because the jeans touch your skin does mean they are skinny jeans! A guy’s jeans should show off the figure but not be so tight that they are uncomfortable. All of our favorite jeans are from J.Crew, we selected three different styles. Notice that two of our picks are dark wash, dark jeans always flatter the body much better than a light wash jean. Our third pick is a gray wash, which creates an edgier stylish look. Finding the right jean can be time-consuming but is always a worthy investment of both time and money!


Bootcut-fit Jean in Dark Worn Wash $95.00



484 Slim-fit Jean in Resin Crinkle Wash $98.00



Vintage Slim-fit Garment Dyed Jean $98.00

All Jeans from:


#3 A Great Sweater

 Having a great light sweater can be valuable in just about any season. Paired with shorts or pants, its a versatile asset to any wardrobe. The only work required is to decide what type of sweater is for you…

The cardigan: The cardigan is a new trend seen in men and women’s fashion. Nicely paired with a tee, this sweater gives off a casual and alternative look.


BDG Striped cardigan sweater $44.00 (

The sweater vest: A sweater vest is a classic and super comfy. It can be worn with pants, shorts, long sleeves or short sleeves. Its a versatile piece, and a favorite of the ladies!


Pima cotton V-neck vest $79.50 (